Caseyville Water Customers:

Dear Caseyville Water Customer,

Over the next few days, frigid temperatures are expected in our area. Everyone at Caseyville Water reminds all of our customers to take the appropriate steps to protect their homes and facilities from frozen pipes and other cold-weather damage.

Taking a moment to ensure that your facility (and home!) are prepared for cold weather helps protect our local water teams and your property. Our local team continues to perform critical work for reliable, safe water service, regardless of the temperature or weather.

 Customer tips for frigid temperatures:

If you have had frozen pipes in the past, allowing a small trickle of water to run overnight could keep pipes from freezing.  Customers should consider collecting the water for later use such as watering indoor plants and more. The cost of a short-term trickle is much less costly than a repair to a burst pipe.

Open cabinet doors to expose pipes. Opening cabinet doors exposes pipes to warmer room temperatures.

Have a friend, relative or neighbor regularly check property if you plan on being away to ensure the heat is working and the pipes have not frozen.

 If you or anyone at your organization have any questions or immediate issues, call the office at (618) 344-1234.

 Thank you, and stay safe.