Public Works

Address: 909 S. Main Street
Caseyville, IL 62232
Phone: (618) 344-1234

Administrative Fax:  618-394-1234

Water Department Fax:  618-394-0738

Superintendant of Public Works

Superintendent: Brian Rader
Phone: (618) 344-1234 x227

Foreman - Streets, Parks & Buildings

Foreman:  Joe Clark
Phone: (618) 344-1234 x 302

Street Department Responsibilities:
Maintenance of Streets, Alleys and Buildings.
Maintenance of Waterways and Drainage.
Responsible for Snow and Ice Control.

Foreman - Water & Sewer

Foreman:  G.W. Scott Jr

Phone: (618) 344-1234 x 301

Water Department Responsibilities:
Reading water meters and replacing them when necessary.
Responsible for maintenance of water and sewer lines and pump stations.

2016 Caseyville Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Caseyville IEPA Annual Report

This report is intended to provide you with important information about your drinking water and the efforts made by the CASEYVILLE water system to provide safe drinking water.