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Development Code

Caseyville Development Code Cover

Division I:  Administration

Division II:  Zoning Code

Division III:  Sign Control

Division IV:  FEMA Flood Hazard Areas

Division V:  Planned Unit Development

Division VI:  Land Subdivision

Division VII:  Storm Water Drainage:Erosion and Sediment

Division VIII: Construction Codes

Division IX:  Occupancy Permit

Building Information Sheet Handout

Builders Statement of Understanding Acceptance and Agreement

Zoning Map


Manufactured Housing Owners Statement of Understanding, Acceptance & Agreement

Table of Parking and Loading Spaces Required

Table of Trees


Figures A-1 & A-2 - Curb and Gutter Model

Figures A-3 thru A-6 - Cul-De-Sac Streets

Figures A-7 & A-8 - Lot Terms Model

Figures A-9 & A-10 - Visibility Restrictions Model

Figure A-11 - Sidewalk & Driveway Entrance Model

Figure A-12 - Driveway Plan Model

Figure A-13 - Caseyville 2006 Specification Sheet Model